Success Stories

Michael Hickman (USMC)

"One day I was walking up Hull Street past this building, not knowing what I was going to do next, and I saw Liberation Veterans Services. Without an appointmentI just came up and here I was greeted with open arms,and before I knew it, I was upstairs with a bunk in a locker."

Curtis Simmons (USMC)

"I'm a Marine Corps vet and a graduate of LVS.I found out about LVS 15 months ago. When I came into the city, I had nowhere to go, not much money in my pocket, and I was in a bad way. And things got better. It didn't start out getting better right away, but it got better."

Kenneth Peters (ARMY)

"But I've most recently been living in my carup until two days ago, so I really, truly appreciatewhat services are provided here and it's just a fantastic place.The staff is fantastic, everything is good."

James Zeise (Army -Vietnam Era)

When James came to us he had no income or job, however he did have a housing plan in place. However, we began the process of getting James eligible for Social Security Disability Income. We were successful and this income would be the security James needed to support permanent housing. We were happy to be a bridge for James to get into permanent housing. James we salute you for your service. We wish you the best and we are proud of you!!!

Christopher Burkhardt (Army 1988 - 1992)

After coming to LVS, Chris was able to secure a full-time job at the VA Hospital. He was also connected to all the benefits
he deserved as an active duty veteran. Four months after arrival, we assisted him into his own house on May 11, 2017.

Charles Sherman (Army 1972 - 1974)

Charles had some health obstacles that hindered his ability to work. At LVS, we believe every veteran deserves adequate housing despite housing
barriers. Through benefits from the VA and some of our housing partners, we have secured a housing plan for Charles and he will be moving into
his own place.

Cordell Tolor U.S. (Army 1967-1970)

Cordell entered our facility on September 1, 2014. Cordell suffered from substance abuse and incarceration. He began his journey doing all the right things. He attended support groups for his substance abuse problems and followed his service plan closely. It did not take long to see Cordell’s motivation to take advantage of this second chance. LVS also connected him with the VA for additional support and resources available to him. Cordell quickly became a leader and mentor for new residents of LVS. Exactly one year from moving in we were able to find housing for Cordell. Due to incarceration and other barriers, finding housing was difficult. His hard work along with case management from LVS landed him an apartment that he loves. Cordell was such a model client that we offered him a job. He is now working for LVS as a shift supervisor providing oversight and monitoring for his former peers. WAY TO GO CORDELL!! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!


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